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More than a year ago, the free spin bonus tax was raised for UK online casinos. It is a tax that has to be paid in order to offer bonuses to customers without deposit. Since the resulting costs for the operators is hardly reported, I would like to introduce the system briefly. In addition, the UK Government wants to increase taxes on online gambling operators in general.

On August 1, 2021, there was significant change in the gambling law of the UK. At that time additional taxes for the Luckscasinos came into force. No-deposit welcome bonuses, free play bets, and equivalent promotions must be taxed by gambling operators. At that time, the No Deposit promotions had the same Remote Gaming Duty as all other bets. For some years, the operators have had to pay 15% on the gross gambling day (winnings of the gambling casino, already paid by the players). The stakes of no deposit bonuses must be included since August 2017 also here.

Ultimately, casino bonuses like the one for Samurai Split are the most effective incentives to advertise new players or encourage regular gamers to play. The bonus offers of the individual gambling companies are increasingly being reviewed by the UK regulator and must be partially removed if they do not comply with their requirements.

In the UK, the “free play tax” has caused uncertainty among many gambling providers, as the calculation was not clear and is partial. The suppliers are particularly concerned about the increased tax payments in the UK. I will try to outline the problems briefly below.

How is the British Freeplay Tax levied?

The British government has decided to tax “freeplays”. This applies to free spins as an introductory offer and the corresponding deposits. The operators pay only for the first time use of customers taxes for the corresponding bonus. It is important that only the deposit and bonus amount are included in the calculation of taxes. Turnover at the slots necessary to fulfill the bonus conditions will not be considered.

In free games, the original bet is taxed on the accepted free spins. If the player has a profit through the promotions, the winnings can be deducted from the amount to be taxed. The losses of the player and must be taxed normally.